Bite Size Snack Chicken


Macros ( May vary depending on flavor)

Plain- 4oz- 100 cal|2g Fat|3g Carbs|19g Protein

Plain 6oz- 15o cal|2g Fat|4g Carbs|29g Protein

BBQ 4oz- 150 cal|2g Fat|15g Carbs|19g Protein

BBQ 6oz- 190 cal|2g Fat|16g Carbs|29g Protein

Buffalo 4oz- 100 cal|2g Fat|3g Carbs|19g Protein

Buffalo 6oz- 150 cal|2g Fat|5g Carbs|29g Protein


A great snack option to make sure your getting your protein in for the day!

Choose from a list of flavors and 2 different portion sizes depending on your macros.


Best eaten cold ***Do not microwave in container!***



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